The First Annual U.S.A.R.D. Convention ⇒ A Roaring Success!

There was some trepidation in the anticipation, but our first annual convention came off smoothly and was considered by all, a great success.

Presently, we will have more information and pictures and video regarding the convention. Be sure to check back to enjoy the performances.

At this time we must thank Steve Young, Bill McGrath, Charlie Kammer and others who made every aspect of the convention flow easily:

Steve Young skillfully performed all the necessary tasks to make the venue work for us. He professionally coordinated the convention agenda, saw that all attending members and guest were comfortable and properly cared for by the hotel. With Bill McGrath Steve conducted efficiently the annual business meeting.

Bill McGrath’s work on ensuring that the performances ran on time and with no conflicts was perfect. His work on getting all of us working together on the mass-drumming and with the NY Chapter ensembles was inspired.

Enough cannot be said for Charlie Kammer’s work on the creation of the guest badges and his and his lovely wife, Jean’s work at the registration table.

Thank you Skee Derr for your fine work recording the videos of the performers and clinicians!

Very special thanks go to Dave Fontaine, Andy Redmond, Nick Attanasio, the Ft. Myer Ensemble and the combined Monumental City Fife and Drum Corps  –  Middle River Ancients  for excellent clinics and presentations that entertained, educated and motivated.

Thanks to all who attended for helping us create a great 2010 convention. We are sure with the impetus gained this year; we’ll have an even greater 2011 convention.

Stand by for more on the U.S.A.R.D. 2010 convention: