The 2016 USARD Convention Competition Results

Congratulations to our first U.S.A.R.D. individual contestants!

And we thank them for coming out so early in the morning to compete.

Many thanks, as well, to our judges: John Flowers & Brendan Mason.

We hope that it has been a pleasant and positive experience for all.

Here are the placements for the 2016 U.S.A.R.D. junior individual snare drumming contest:

  1. Jeff Prosperie, Jr.        82.5
  2. Nathan Campbell        80.75 
  3. Jason Malli, Jr.            80.0
  4. Oliver Shannon           79.0
  5. Nick Rondeau             75.0
  6. Giovanni Colavolpe   75.00
  7. Nicole Nocida             75.00

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