A Very Important Request

A Very Important Request

Re:  Deadline for Convention      
We need a nose count!  By the end of this month we need to give a head count to the hotel for those 
planning on attending the banquet on Saturday, May 13.  Last year we jumped in attendance by almost 
50 people from the year before. Some registered so late that we had to scramble to accommodate

Let’s take some of the guess-work out: If you have not registered yet, try to get it in by the end of this month. If that is not possible send us an e-mail at info@usard.org or phone us at 802-537-3501, and tell us you want a plate set for you. We will even have a badge printed for you.   

The buffet this year will include three entrees, one poultry, one beef and one seafood.  Come and join us if you can.

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