U.S.A.R.D. Administration (As Of 7-22-2020)

Executive Committee

  • President: Gary Rockwell  (accepting position after Gary Gillotti, Uncontested).
  • Vice President (External Programs): Gary Gillotti (accepting position after Dave Smith could no longer continue due to personal reasons)
  • Vice President  (Internal Operations): Alex Zielinski (replaicng Joe GIllotti)
  • Secretary: (Position open as of 6/2019)
  • Treasurer: Joe Gillotti
  • Webmaster: Alex Zielinski

Advisory Board

  • Dave Smith
  • William McGrath, Jr. 
  • Nick Biscotti
  • John Bosworth
  • Ron Church
  • John Flowers
  • Bill Hartmann **
  • Charles Kammer
  • Bill Mojica
  • Doug Morrow
  • Bob Zarfoss

** Deceased

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