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Awards & Recognitions Given at the Annual U.S.A.R.D. Conventions

·         Year 2010 (Inaugural convention):

1.       Nick Anttanasio was given a “Lifetime Achievement Award”

·         Year 2011:

1.       John S. Pratt – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

2.       John Dowlan – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

·         Year 2012:

1.       John Flowers  – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

2.       Warren S. Lee – recognized for being the first registrant of the 2012 U.S.A.R.D. Convention

3.       Doug Kleinhans – a moment of silence for his passing

·         Year 2013:

1.       Rick Beckham – A Lifetime Membership (purchased)

2.       John Joseph Roche – A Lifetime Membership (purchased)

3.       Peter Mason – The Patrick Sullivan Scholarship Award

4.       Eric Perrilloux – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

5.       J. Burns Moore – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

6.       Charles “Buck” Soistman – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

·         Year 2014:

1.       Steve Young (founding member) – A moment of silence for his passing

2.       Private Lee Rigby of the British Royal Fusiliers (murdered by terrorists) – Donations from       U.S.A.R.D. member given to his family.

3.       Gabe Bacewicz – The Warren S. Lee Foundation Stipend Award

4.       Nathaniel T. Correia – The Sonny Lyons Memorial Student Award

5.       Giovanni Colavolpe – The Sonny Lyons Memorial Student Award

6.       Earl S. Sturtze – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Year 2015:

Lifetime Achievement:

Frank Arsenault

Hugh Quigley

Bobby Redican

Bobby Thompson

Sanford Augustus "Gus" Moeller

Les Park

Billy Reamer

Rodney Goodhart

Lifetime Membership:

Ron Church (Paid Subscription)

Fred Johnson (Honorary)

Scholarship Awards:

The Patrick Sullivan Award:

Jessica Wahlers (Western Connecticut State University)

Hattie Hevrin (Johnson State College)

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Robbie Myers - Snare Drummer for St. Mary's Fife & Drum Corps, Branford, CT - 6th Grade

Giovanni Colavolpe - Snare Drummer for St. Mary's Fife & Drum Corps, Branford CT - 4th Grade

Year 2016:

Lifetime Achievent Awards:

Paul Cormier

Bill Maling

Al Merritt

Gerd Sommer

Lifetime Membership:

Kenneth R. Dorsey (Paid Membership)

The Patrick Sullivan Award:

Erica Wahlers

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Oliver Shannon

Year 2017:

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Sam Evans

David Smith

Lifetime Memberships:

Christopher Harding French (Paid Membership)

James Marshall Digmon (Paid Membership)

Ken Burbulak (Paid Membership)

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Nathan Campbell

The Warren S. Lee Foundation Stipend Award

Joshua Gabriel Cohen



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