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Awards & Recognitions Given at the Annual U.S.A.R.D. Conventions

·         Year 2010 (Inaugural convention):

1.       Nick Anttanasio was given a “Lifetime Achievement Award”

·         Year 2011:

1.       John S. Pratt – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

2.       John Dowlan – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

·         Year 2012:

1.       John Flowers  – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

2.       Warren S. Lee – recognized for being the first registrant of the 2012 U.S.A.R.D. Convention

3.       Doug Kleinhans – a moment of silence for his passing

·         Year 2013:

1.       Rick Beckham – A Lifetime Membership (purchased)

2.       John Joseph Roche – A Lifetime Membership (purchased)

3.       Peter Mason – The Patrick Sullivan Scholarship Award

4.       Eric Perrilloux – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

5.       J. Burns Moore – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

6.       Charles “Buck” Soistman – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

·         Year 2014:

1.       Steve Young (founding member) – A moment of silence for his passing

2.       Private Lee Rigby of the British Royal Fusiliers (murdered by terrorists) – Donations from       U.S.A.R.D. member given to his family.

3.       Gabe Bacewicz – The Warren S. Lee Foundation Stipend Award

4.       Nathaniel T. Correia – The Sonny Lyons Memorial Student Award

5.       Giovanni Colavolpe – The Sonny Lyons Memorial Student Award

6.       Earl S. Sturtze – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Year 2015:

Lifetime Achievement:

Frank Arsenault

Hugh Quigley

Bobby Redican

Bobby Thompson

Sanford Augustus "Gus" Moeller

Les Park

Billy Reamer

Rodney Goodhart

Lifetime Membership:

Ron Church (Paid Subscription)

Fred Johnson (Honorary)

Scholarship Awards:

The Patrick Sullivan Award:

Jessica Wahlers (Western Connecticut State University)

Hattie Hevrin (Johnson State College)

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Robbie Myers - Snare Drummer for St. Mary's Fife & Drum Corps, Branford, CT - 6th Grade

Giovanni Colavolpe - Snare Drummer for St. Mary's Fife & Drum Corps, Branford CT - 4th Grade

Year 2016:

Lifetime Achievent Awards:

Paul Cormier

Bill Maling

Al Merritt

Gerd Sommer

Lifetime Membership:

Kenneth R. Dorsey (Paid Membership)

The Patrick Sullivan Award:

Erica Wahlers

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Oliver Shannon

Year 2017:

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Sam Evans

David Smith

Lifetime Memberships:

Christopher Harding French (Paid Membership)

James Marshall Digmon (Paid Membership)

Ken Burbulak (Paid Membership)

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Nathan Campbell

The Warren S. Lee Foundation Stipend Award

Joshua Gabriel Cohen

Year 2018:

Lifetime Memberships:

William Messerschmidt  (Updrade from Annual Membership)

Jason Maines (Updrade from Annual Membership)

John "Skee" Derr (Updrade from Annual Membership)

Craig Wix (Paid Membership)

Thomas C. Terreri (Paid Membership)

The Matthew "Sonny" Lyons Award:

Jason Mali, Jr.

The New England Chapter Award:

Mike Riley & Philip Andrews


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