2013 Convention Videos

2013 Convention Videos (20)

The performance of the Rudimental Drum Club of New England

  • Gary Gay - Bass Drum            (Out of the picture on the left - Sorry Gary!)blush
  • Randy Wilcox - Bass Drum
  • Gary Gillotti - Snare Drum
  • Joe Gillotti - Snare Drum
  • Dave Hevrin - Snare Drum
  • Ginger Wilk - Fife
  • David Fischmann - Fife
  • Kathy Brown - Fife

Former Connecticut Hurricane & St. Peters drum corps member, Frank Zappone performs at the 2013 USARD convention.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 00:00

Video - The NY Skyliners Alumni Duet

The Skyliners Alumni Percussion Duet with Joe Fontana & Jack Murray at 2013 USARD convention

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 00:00

Video - The Air Force D&B Corps Alumni

The Air Force D&B Corps Alumni Drum  Ensemble, led by Bob Zarfoss performs at the 2013 USARD convention. From left-to-right are: John Bosworth, Steve Young, Eric Landis, Bill Mojica with guest on bass drum, Sean Landis.

I apoligize to Bill Mojica for not getting him into the frame! Obviously, it's because I had too much "medicine" the previous night. wink

Bill Messerschmidt & Austin Andrulis perform some pieces by Bill, John Flowers, Les Parks and Andrew Reamer.

Rudimental drumming expert and individual champion, Rick Beckham performs a clinic at the 2013 USARD convention with the theme: "What is Rudimental Drumming?"

New York Chapter of USARD  - NYDA perform three solos from a Jr. corps of the 60’s, The Emerald Cadets, of Rochester, NY, written by Doug Kleinhans and adapted by Bill McGrath in tribute to Doug and the Emerald Cadets. Performers are: Snare: Bill McGrath, Jr, Doug Morrow, Paul Halifax, Danny Magsaman and Don Burns.  Bass: Tom DeFazio, Kevin McGrath and Jeff White. Performance (continued): John Flowers, Skee Derr, Bill McGrath, Joe Fontana, Jack Murray & Barb Flowers will perform “The Round- About,” written by John Flowers and dedicated to Bill McGrath

Friday, 26 April 2013 00:00

Video - The Hanover Lancers Drum Line


The Hanover Lancers Drumline,instructed and led by Bob Zarfoss, will perform a warm-up exercise, a street beat, and a drum solo, "The Duck, 2013."
Friday, 26 April 2013 00:00

Video - The Middle River Ancients

Middle River Ancients from Maryland will play “Thunder & Lightening”, “The Black Pearl” and “Just Having Fun".

Performers: Nick Biscotti, Ron Church, Charlie Kammer, Bill Hartman, Bill Mojica and Bill Strickland.

The Skyliners Drum Ensemble with Jack Murray and Joe Fontana play “The Winner.” The drum ensemble consists of 8 players:

  • 3 snares: Joe Fontana, Jack Murray & Matt Dennison
  • 2 Cymbals: Karen Kox and Evelyn Krejci
  • 2 Bass Drummers: Steve Turner & Jack Stern
  • 1 Triple Bass: Chet Figurski.
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