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After a productive quarterly meeting on July 27th, Member, Jim Smith, relayed to us his adventure of recreating the 200-mile march from Pittsburgh to Gettysburg by Civil War drummer Peter Guibert in 1913.

I surprised this morning when opening my August issue of Percussion News to find an article covering Jim’s trek.

Below is a copy of the article as seen in the newsletter. You may click on the article to bring you to the digital edition which has more photos of the event as well as some video coverage.


Jim Smith's March Reenactment

Courtesy of The Percussive Arts Society

CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE ABOVE to see more photos as well as videos on the Percussion News digital-issue

CLICK HERE for he official website for the Peter Guibert Trek

A big thank-you to Jim Smith for sending the links to the videos seen below which were taken along his trek:

Published in USARD News


The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps Drum Line from  Fort Myer, VA, presents: “A Day in the Life of an Old Guard Drummer"
Published in 2013 Convention Videos


C.A.D.R.E. Percussion Ensemble
Pieces include: John Wooton's Warm-up;  Rudimental Classics; Warming Up Hot!; NUDA4U.
Snare: Paul Mosley, Ken Miller, Jim Kane and John Swartz.
Bass Tri-Rack: Cliff Blundell  
Low Bass: Ron Meyers
Percussion: Neil Hawthorne and Vince Cicchine  
Business Mgr., John MacDonald;
Pres., Fred Johnson
Writer & Arranger, Paul Mosley.
Published in 2013 Convention Videos
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 04:00

Video - Adrian Mordaunt USARD 2013

Adrian Mordaunt of P.A.S. and instructor of Metro New York Pipe Band, current Grade 3 World Champions. Drum Sergeant Adrian Mordaunt on snare and Pipe Major Mike Mahoney from the New York Metro Pipe Band on pipes. Selections are: Hornpipe and Jigs; March, Strathspey & Reel and a Drum Fanfare.  Jon Quigg will join Adrian for a performance of Alex Duthart's seminal drum composition, titled simply “Drummer's Fanfare".

Published in 2013 Convention Videos
Saturday, 04 May 2013 04:00

Video - Jon Quigg USARD 2013

Jon Quigg, former instructor of the City of Washington Pipe Band, will play a solo, "Up One Wall and Down the Other," which melds American and Scottish Pipe Band rudimental styles ... some of it traditional, some not so much.

Published in 2013 Convention Videos

St. Lucy’s Drum&Bugle Corps Snare Drum Trio with Chew Gernandt, RaySchmerin and Dave Richardson playing a Les Parks solo and an original solo by Chew Gernandt.

Published in 2013 Convention Videos

Brendan Mason demonstrates the leading edge drumming arrangements to tradtional fife music of the Connecticut Patriots Fife & Drum Corps.


Credit - Jeff Holloway
Published in 2013 Convention Videos
Saturday, 27 April 2013 04:00

Video - The Moodus Drum & Fife Corps at USARD

Moodus Drum & Fife Corps with Amy Armstrong - Rudimental Roots History  

  • Fife: Sherry McLaughlin, Terri Anderson Murray, Jamie Murray  
  • Snare: David Strong, Jeff Sanborn and Amy Armstrong and Patrick Murray 
  • Bass: Erin McNamara

Narrator - Sue Cifaldi

Published in 2013 Convention Videos

Mark Beecher of the NARD "The William H. Reamer Rudimental Drum Method"

Snares: Mark Beecher, Steve Gillespie, Lilli Beiduk Middlebrooks, Steve Kirkpatrtick, Rita Macey Bernert, Don Mihok, Eileen Mihok, and Bill Maling; Bass Drummers: Tom Middlebrooks, and Ben Santiago. Bugler and Fifer: Ray Eyler. Performing unnamed solos and cadences and the Long Roll, Downfall of Paris, Three Camps and Fifers Delight.
Published in 2013 Convention Videos

John Rozum How the drum set player prepares and performs for the audience.  John demonstrates incorporating rudiments into three types of drum solos.

Published in 2013 Convention Videos
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