Grey Ghost

As performed by the Reilly Raiders Drum Corps (1958 – 59) F.W. Reilly, Post 7947, Philadelphia, PA. -By: Harold Ginther Reilly Raiders – Snare/Bass/TenorDownload Reilly Raiders – Snare OnlyDownload

The Bomb by Les Parks

Here is a classic drum solo written by Les Parks in the 1960’s for The Hawthorne Caballeros. This solo was performed by the mass-drumming ensemble at the 2013 USARD convention.     The Bomb SnareDownload See the video of the Hawthone Caballeros Alumni below...

Crazy Army 2/4

Crazy Army 2/4 by Ed Lemley A most popular drum beat used to accompany numerous fife tunes. Yet it is still a great stand alone drum solo. Crazy Army 2/4Download

Thunder and Lightning

From the Regmentals Fife and Drum Band – Thunder and Lightning!Written by William Westfall Thunder and Lightning – SnareDownload Thunder and Lightning – BassDownload

Devil’s Flute

This is the most popular drum part to the Bill Krug’s tune, Devil’s Flute. It was written by the great Les Parks. Devil’s Flute Devil’s FluteDownload

The General

The General by J.Burns Moore is a classic drum piece that has been used over the years as an exhibition or competitive drum beating. It contains many of the standard rudiments making it a favorite of the early individual snare drumming judges.It also nicely fits the...