Frank Fancher with Trophies

Fancher is Shown Above With His 182 First Place  Trophies and Medals

Early Rudimental Drumming Great Frank Fancher

Getting lost in the haze of time are some of the greatest rudimental drummers of all time. If it weren’t for these champion drummers honing and refining the art, it’s difficult to know where all styles of drumming would be today. Frank Fancher along with  J. Burns Moore and Moore’s student Dan English were the super-stars of competitive drumming in period between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. 

Below, In this undated news clipping Frank Fancher is mentioned along with other notable champion rudimental drummers significantly, Dan English and Earl Sturtze. Probably dating from the early 1930’s this clipping shows, that in spite of the bad economic times, the awards given to first place winners were quite generous. Dan English won a new drum! And they visited Sing-Sing!



News Clip - Fancher
This page from a periodical of a now forgotten drummers association describes awards given not only to Frank Fancher, but also the youthful image of our U.S.A.R.D. Life Time Member and Hall of Famer, Nick Attanasio.  The many time champion and Hall of Fame snare drummer, Bob Redican is also mentioned.
MAPD Newspaper -  Frank Fancher

Frank’s Uniform  Medals and His Drum are Seen in This Photo:

Frank Fancher Uniform with Medals