Important Message from Steve Young


Attention Members


We’ve already set an attendance record for USARD conventions.  The Board is now busy trying to tie up all the final details for the convention and we need your help.

We are finding that some of you have reserved hotel rooms but have not registered with USARD and vice versa.  This doesn’t work.

We need to have accurate registration information from ALL attendees (and those planning to attend) so that we can ensure that the convention runs smoothly and with some order.  

For example, we need a count for our banquet in advance — not when you arrive, we need to know numbers so we can set-up the ballroom and practice rooms and so that we can have name badges ready for you.

Here’s what we need from you:

If you plan to participate in the convention and have not yet registered, please contact Charlie Kammer ASAP so we can add your name and banquet reservation to our master list.  We can not guarantee you a place at the convention or banquet without some commitment to registration on your part.

I hope you understand that we need this information to make our convention run successfully and we hope to receive your cooperation ASAP.

Thank you.

Steve Young

Co-Chair, Board of Directors

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