Jerome Mershon: Rudimental Drumming Biography – (January 15, 2014)




My initial teacher in was, Don Mahon, NARD, and a student of Louis Swikert. This was in Cincinnati OH, 1954.

I also Studied Concert Percussion with Martin McConnell at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH in 1963-4.

I studied music theory at Bradley University, Peoria, IL in 1990-91


Playing History:

I played with a junior drum corps, the Gailley Jr. Grenadiers in 1955-6. We won the VFW Junior state championship in 1955.

 I joined a senior corps in 1957, the Forestville, OH Spitfires.

I moved to another corps in 1959, the Men of Ohio in Mt. Healthy, OH & played with them for three years.

I played in the Roger Bacon High School Band 1957-60 and Xavier University Band 1969-64 in Cincinnati, OH.

I played drum set for 20 years, performing at private parties and gatherings primarily beginning in 1978.

I have played with the Los Angeles Fifes and Drums, since 2009.



I taught privately starting in 1960, then later, at Buddy Rogers Music Studio, North College Hill, OH during college 1960-64,

I taught percussion at the Men of Ohio Senior Drum Corps, Mt Healthy, OH, for 3 years 1964-67. The corps won the Ohio American Legion state title in 1965 & 66.

I taught high school band percussion at Roger Bacon High School, St Bernard, OH, 1965 and Miamisburg, OH High School in 1975-76. 

I taught several junior drum corps in the Cincinnati area during the period 1965 – 69. These included the Dayton, KY Buccaneers, The El dorados, Cheviot, OH and the Tegionaires of Ludlow, KY.

I taught the Queen City Cadets for 13 years, 1964 – 77. I handled the drum section most years and was also Corps Director for five years, then Staff Coordinator and President. 

I taught Percussion for the Washington, IL High School Band for 6 years, 1991-96. We took High Percussion at the Illinois State Band Championship in 1992 and received the highest rating for Indoor Percussion Ensemble in 1993.

Most teaching assignments included writing or re-arranging the percussion scores.


I trained with the Central States Judging Association, & judged Drum Corps Percussion with them for three years. 1974-77.

I also judged Drums Corps Percussion with the Massachusetts Judging Association 1978 – 80.

I judged Drum Corps Midwest Percussion for six years 1991-96.

The judging duties included Drum Corps, Band and Individual contests.