Dr. Kevin Donka

Kevin Donka is the 2013 DCA Individual Rudimental Snare Drumming World Champion.  He began playing drums at the age of two when his parents noticed him playing some of the drumbeats he was hearing on the radio on his legs. 

He developed his skills very quickly and received special permission to compete at the Illinois State High School Music Festival and Solo Contest when he was just 5 years old, where he earned the Blue Ribbon, taking home top honors in the solo snare drum contest.  Kevin entered drum and bugle corps at the age of 12 and competed for several years as a snare drummer, section leader and drum captain. He spent his final two years with the Blue Stars from La Crosse, Wisconsin, competing at the highest Drum Corps International (DCI) level.

In addition to his 2013 DCA World Championship, Dr. Donka has received many awards including numerous local, state and national championship titles.  He has performed with many drum & bugle corps including the Fox Valley Raiders, Blue Stars, Cavalier Classics and the Blue Stars All-Star Alumni corps.  He was also the Percussion Caption Head and center snare for the 2014 Blue Stars 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps.  He began giving private drum lessons when he was in 5th grade, and over the years has played with, instructed and written for marching bands and drum corps, including individual and group instruction with members of West Aurora High School, Jacobs High School, Crystal Lake South High School, Prairie Ridge High School, Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Georgia Tech University, University of Iowa, Blue Devils, Cavaliers, Blue Stars, Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment, Guardsmen, Geneseo Knights, & the Imperials.  He has helped drumlines in Columbia and Brazil, and has even provided private rudimental drum instruction to a member of the famous “Blue Man Group.”  Some of Kevin’s students have gone on to achieve significant notoriety in the music field and have even been featured in “Modern Drummer” magazine.  In 2014, he was named an Honorary Lifetime Member of the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (N.A.R.D.).

Kevin is an internationally known, highly respected and sought after instructor. His teaching and performance videos can be found on YouTube and his Facebook page and have been featured on many percussion websites including rudimentaldrumming.com.  He is a frequent contributor of original music charts, exercises, videos and instruction to the DCI Snares & other Percussion Facebook pages.  He is a featured artist and part of the prestigious Dynasty Drums and Vater Percussion Educational Teams, and he has been invited to give clinics and judge solo contests throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe & South America.  His Facebook page is Donka Drums.

Finally, Kevin is also a highly respected chiropractor, author, teacher and speaker who does presentations all around the world at universities and for organizations.  He had his own highly successful family & pediatric practice for 23 years before selling it to take more time to teach in both his health-care field and drumming.  He is also a singer, he plays many other instruments, he taught martial arts for 20 years and has black belts in both Tae kwon do and Hapkido.  His wife of 31 years is the art teacher at a Montessori School and has her own art school as well.  Kevin and his wife have 5 kids of their own.

Dr. Kevin Donka is available for private instruction in person or via SKYPE and can be reached at (847) 708-9182 or at [email protected].