August 10, 2016

Ref: On-line membership renewal.

Dear Members,

We had to replace our old subscription expiry manager software since the one we have been using over the years has, as stated by the developer, “gone into hibernation”. So no further support for that product.

The only minor annoyance for renewing members with doing this is that you will be required for one time only to fill out another profile form. It will not be necessary to do on subsequent renewals.

Other than that, the software is superior to what we had.

The interface for renewing will be a little different, as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The following procedure is only necessary when your membership is up for renewal:

To renew:

1.       Go to

2.       Log into the site. (if you have forgotten your login credentials, click on the “Forgot Login” link located near the login dialog box)

3.       On the main menu at the top of the opening page, click on MEMBERSHIP -> PROFILE/RENEW.

4.       Fill out the form that is presented, the fields with the red asterisks are required.

5.       Select the renew option presented below the form and click on the ‘Process Renew’ button. The following page will show your profile again with your entries.

6.       If everything looks fine with the information, click on ‘Process Subscription”. After a few seconds, you should be directed to the PayPal processing site where you can pay for your renewal.

Please get back with me if you have any problems with this procedure.

Best regards,




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