USARD   Meeting  Corning NY     January   8  2011
In Attendance:
Bill McGrath
Gary Rockwell
Nick Biscotti
Charlie Kammer
Joe Gillotti
Gary Gillotti
Bill  McGrath opened the meeting with reviewing agenda from meeting 10/30/10



Item 1   How is the Convention coming?

           a) Hotel is locked in. Heritage Hill Hotel and Conference  Room  Lancaster Pa
               Steve Young has the hotel contract and will finalize the dinner menu in next few weeks.
               The cost of the rooms are 89.00 per night plus 11% tax, cheaper than the Holiday last year  
               The reservation ID is USA041511; arrangements may be made by phone (717)898-2431.
               The facility is non-smoking 
           b) Charlie Kammer will handle registration for the USARD event. Members will have to make their 

               own reservation


Item 2   Status of clinicians and demonstrators

             a) Lee Caron has committed to do a clinic
             b) Brendan Mason has committed to do a clinic 

             c) Jim Dinkins has also committed

             d) Fred Johnson from Cadre attending ,possibly doing a history clinic on the development of

                drumming on the North American Continent from 1797 to 1990

             e) Fort Meyer Group pending, as well as the Hell Cats of West Point 

             f)  Ancient Mariners offer ruled out, too expensive

             g) All other potential performers must get with Bill McGrath ASAP

Item 3   Membership Report
         Charlie reported that USARD had 113 members, 39 renewed so far 2011


Item 4   Treasury Report-Charlie Kammer
         INCOME                            11/24-12/31/10     1/11-1/6/11          Overall    
           Membership Dues 2011          425.00            120.00              545.00
           Membership Dues 2012           20.00               00.00               20.00
           Other Inc                                  1692.93            00.00             1692.93
        Total Income                               2137.93          120.00             2257.93   

        EXPENSES                                    39.00               0.00               39.00
                                                                66.62               0.00               66.62
        Total Expenses                             105.62               0.00              105.62
       Overall Total                                 2032.31           120.00             2152.31   

Item 5  Effective use of the Website

        Joe Gillotti discussed if there are any issues with the website, please notify him
        He will set up a demonstration of the website and its usage at the Convention.



Item 6   Music Librarian
         Bill McGrath presented a proposal for a music librarian-Douglas Morrow

         "My proposal is to act as Librarian/History for USARD, working to assemble a comprehensive
          collection of some of the best rudimental  works in our history(from the colonial period
          to present day). "  Doug Morrow

         This was opened for discussion and was generally thought it was a good idea.

         Committee voted unanimously to make Doug Morrow Librarian for USARD. However with the

         stipulation that files will be added to the USARD Website.

Item 7   Next meeting will be April 16 2011. Sunday after the Convention