USARD Unofficial Meeting Rochester NY Sept 5 2010

In Attendance:
Bill McGrath
Bobby Peterson
Dick Filkins
Bill Mojica
Bob Zarfoss
Joe Gillotti
Gary Gillotti

Bill McGrath opened the meeting suggesting that the same jobs that were set forlast years Convention, should be kept for this years’.Last Year was such a success, we should keep the same team together

Pick a Month and Date for Convention
Consensus was that April or May would be the best time for the 2nd Annual Convention. Date will be finalized by next meeting, after members review conflicts of dates.

Pick a Site for next Convention
Again the general consensus was that Harrisburg site was the best. Some discussion on other sites Ohio, New York. But the group felt Harrisburg was the ideal site

Choose a dedicated person to drive membership
After discussion the group thought it would be best if the Chapter Coordinators were the main drivers Example:. DC-Maryland Chapter Bill Mojica; Gary Gillotti New England Chapter.
Dick Filkins suggested the Chapter Coordinators get the Rosters of every Corps in their Chapter and make contact

Choose a dedicated person to take on the Treasury duties.
Bill Mojica suggested Charlie Kammer. He will speak with Charlie when he returns to Maryland

Brainstorming the choosing of the Clinicians
Bobby Peterson brought up that USARD should send out a survey and have the members decide what they want as Clinicians and performers.Everyone thought that was a good idea. It aslo was discussed that we should limit the number of Clinicians. Have more Performers.Was also discussed that we concentrate on getting young people involved. There was a brief discussion on having a Junior (ONLY)Competition, Was tabled for future discussion. Bob Zarfoss will contact Zane Ruth,Percussion Teacher from York Pa on interest of his students attending.Possibly performing.

Good Practices from Last Years Convention
1.Hotel Facilities- Excellent
2.Performers Nick Attanasio, Mark Reilly and the Ft Meyers Group
3,Clinicians Nick Attanasio, Dave Fontaine and Andy Redmond
4.Dinner was outstanding

Treasures Report 1,682.78
23.03 paypal acct
membership 90

Next Official Meeting Tentative October 23 2010 Marconi Lodge Corning NY