Having been part of many Deep River Ancient Musters over the last fifty-one years, this year was most likely my shortest attendance. But I was able to march the colorful parade, which had always been one of my favorites. I have always enjoyed the line-up at the beginning where one meets old friends, of which some, you haven't seen since last season, or longer time. A convenient bar is there at the corner of the street where you can further enjoy the camaraderie of newly greeted friends; and possibly get a beer (if you are lucky enough to get the bar-keeps attention).

The cacophony of disparate playing of drums & fifes are, at least to me, enjoyable at this early time of the weekend.

I survived the parade – something I was concerned about since it was my first “long” parade in a couple of years.

It was good to see the Los Angeles Fifes & Drums there and speak with U.S.A.R.D. life members, Jerry Mershon and Dave Nesser.

I didn’t stay long enough to see all, but I expect there were great performances by the U.S. Army “Old Guard” and our old friends, the Connecticut Patriots.

But I had to get a few seconds of video of the performance of one of my old-time favorite corps, Stony Creek Fife & Drum Corps. This corps has always been known for the power and spirit in their playing – always exciting to hear.

I sensed even more of these attributes in their 2015 performance. Brendan Mason has given the Creek’s drum line his magic touch (as he does wherever he teaches). Great job: Brendan and Stony Creek!

Check out the videos below: