Kevin Donka

(The 8th annual USARD convention is a week from today! Incredible! So, you folks who have yet to register, please do so today. And if you haven’t, please know that if you want to attend for the Saturday clinics only, you can do that for only $40. Students under 21 can attend for the price of an annual USARD membership. Registering at the venue will be acceptable.)

But I want to tell you about Kevin Donka’s clinic. We are so honored to have Kevin for our 8th annual convention.

This remarkable, champion drumming talent will be presenting to us a different kind of clinic: he will not only show us how to improve our technique, but also how to do what we love without hurting ourselves. You see, Kevin, besides being an internationally renowned drumming teacher and arranger, he has been a chiropractic for decades. So, his focus will be on how to best perform, with the least physical pain or damage, on different playing surfaces, such as Rope drum, Mylar or Kevlar.

Kevin will have some hands-on, so bring your sticks and pad to his clinic

See you there.