U.S.A.R.D. at G.A.S.



Attention U.S.A.R.D. members attending this week-end GAS Reunion in Gettysburg, PA:

 The U.S.A.R.D. ensemble will be performing at 11:20AM on Saturday, 5/5/12.  They are listed under their sponsor, YANKEE REBELS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

U.S.A.R.D. Play List at G.A.S.

Note: click on the tune's title to bring up the notation!

Army 2/4                           Approximately 1:15 Minutes

The General                      Approximately 1:15Minutes

Old Dan Tucker               Approximately 1:45 Minutes 

Hell on the Wabash          Approximately 0:36 Seconds

Downfall of Paris              Approximately 1:30 Minutes

Paddy on the Hand Car     Approximately 1:15 Minutes

Three Camps                     Approximately 1:00 Minutes

Devil's Flute                       Approximately 1:15 Minutes

                                  Reilly (if there is enough time)   Approximately 0:45 Seconds


Total playing time is approximately 10 minutes and 34 seconds. Add 1 minute for introductions with 15 seconds between each tune. This adds 1 min & 45 seconds and equals 12:19. Add: 30 seconds to get on stage and set up and: 30 seconds to break down and get off stage. This equals 13:19 with a rough estimate of a total of approximately 14 minutes. Times are subject to change for adherence to overall schedule.


Further Instructions From Bill McGrath:


The USARD ensemble will rehearse a GAS run-through at 10AM outside the front of the hotel.


The actual performance time is 11:20 AM inside.

Suggested wear is:

Black Shoes

Black Trousers

Black Sox

Black Belt and a

White Polo Shirt.  


Bill McGrath


Get the G.A.S. Schedule:

MS Word File  (This Will Download the File to Your Computer)

PDF File




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