The United States Association of Rudimental Drummers
Feb 28th Meeting USARD
Attendees: Bill Mojica, Nick Biscotti, Charlie Kammer, Bill McGrath, Joe Gillotti, and Gary Gillotti
Informal Review of upcoming Convention
Bill McGrath discussed the schedule of the Convention Weekend.
  • Check in at 2:00pm
  • Bill Mojica will find out if the ballroom will be available for practicing at that time
  • There will be a change in the Clinics, with Dave Fontaine "Swiss Drumming" will be at 7:00PM Friday Night. Dave has a recording session in Connecticut Saturday.
  • Saturday morning at 9:00am there will be a meeting to discuss the outline of the day's agenda
  • Money for Clinicians was discussed and approved by everyone
  • Bill Mojica dropped off the brochures and they look great.
  • Charlie Kammer will look into pins
  • Bill and Charlie will be putting together a package for attendees. This will include Convention, ID badges, Music for Mass Drumming, Brochures and Decals.
  • Joe discussed the new add in the "Ancient Times" look good. Discussion of logo to see if it’s too late to get changed. Cost 150.00     paid
Eastern Review 100.00      TBD
Drum Corps World 180.00 TBD
  • Joe will check with Cooperman to see if he's coming
  • Sunday morning April 25th will be the Annual Meeting to discuss future of USARD
Faithfully Submitted,
Gary Gillotti